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Pelican Bluffs Preserve & Coastal Trail

Pelican Bluffs Preserve & Coastal Trail
Anchor Bay


This trail was completed in 2017 by the Mendocino Land Trust. It showcases all aspects of a coastal area, especially the beautiful white cliffs. Home to endangered Point Arena Mountain Beaver, this preserve offers more than 2 miles of public trails. Covering 73 acres, the Preserve hosts a creek recovering from cattle grazing, Bishop pine forests, wetlands, and meadowlands. A scenic sampling of coastal overlooks that (seasonally) provide a great vantage point for whale watching. Steep cliffs provide stunning views, and also require hikers to stick to the trail for safety. Leashed dogs are welcome on the trail. Parking (somewhat limited) is available at the south end of the trail.

WHERE: Located about 1 mile south of Point Arena, look for a Coastal Lookout sign. Highway 1 mile markers: 14.3 at the north end, and 13.5 at the south end.

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