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Noyo Harbor

Noyo Harbor
Fort Bragg / Noyo Harbor


One of the West Coast’s most scenic harbors, Noyo Harbor is the perfect place to start a day of adventure on land or on the high seas. Highway 1 passes over the harbor along the Noyo Bridge; the harbor itself is located at the mouth of the Noyo River at the southern end of Fort Bragg. Here the towering redwoods sprawl to the edge of the continent, stopping just short of spilling into the vast Pacific Ocean. Gorgeous views and warm hospitality make Noyo Harbor a great place to meet the ocean from the land. The harbor is home to abundant wildlife, extraordinary fishing and whalewatching opportunities, and world-class lodging and dining. It is a must-experience destination for outdoor recreation.

Communing with nature is a way of life in Noyo Harbor. Harbor seals, sea lions and even river otters bask in the sun, play, and poke their smooth-looking heads out of the water all around the bay. Waterfowl, including osprey, cormorants, pelicans and gulls, patrol the waters looking for their next dining opportunity. Nature lovers have plenty to marvel at, with the wide variety of wildlife that calls the harbor home.

Annually, over 20,000 California Gray Whales travel south along the coast from Alaska to winter in their breeding grounds in Baja, Mexico. In the spring they return north to begin the cycle again. Often you can see these graceful giants from the shore, but chartering a boat from the harbor is an excellent way to meet them on their own terms, in their world — so don’t forget your camera. A local professional guide can educate guests about the habits and history of these awe-inspiring creatures, and increase the number of whales they are likely to see, even on a short visit. During the whale migrations many charter fishing outfits offer fishing trips combined with whale-watching tours. In March, you can celebrate during the annual Fort Bragg Whale Festival, an experience the whole family can enjoy. Take part in guided whale-watching walking tours, sample clam chowders with the kids, and take a free trolley from the festival grounds to the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. Adults can sample good beer and great BBQ at the microbrew and barbecue tasting.

WHERE: at the South end of Fort Bragg, under the bridge.

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