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Railbike Excursions

Railbike Excursions
Fort Bragg / Noyo Harbor

There’s now an amazing new way to experience the Redwood Route — on the back of a custom-built railbike. These two-person railbikes sit securely on the track, allowing passengers to make their journey in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere unlike anything else found on a railway. These railbikes are quiet enough that it’s likely you’ll see a great collection of animals, including blue herons, osprey, egrets, deer, river otters, and more.

Travelers depart as part of a small group, with a trained guide overseeing everything and leading the way along the track. Since the track is owned and operated exclusively by the Skunk Train, they are able to guarantee no trains or other traffic along the route. The guide is there to help out should anything come up, but these bikes are incredibly easy to ride — perfect for all ages and skill levels.

They even come with an electric assist — ideal for taking a relaxing breather while still moving along the track, or for a little bit of extra oomph while you make yourself up the gentle grade on the return trip. The 7-mile trip isn’t too tiring, so the electric motor probably won’t be necessary for most people — but it can certainly provide a nice break along the way. The excursions are about an hour long, and currently depart only from Fort Bragg.

WHERE: (Depot) 100 W. Laurel St., Fort Bragg
MORE INFO: 707-964-6371

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