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Hunting in Mendocino County

Hunting in Mendocino County


Mendocino County has a diverse and abundant selection of game, with quail, wild turkey, elk, bear, pig and blacktail deer among other species. The County also offers sportsmen many different choices when it comes to where to hunt. There is public land available for hunting, and most of it holds trophy-class game. There are also opportunities to hunt on private land for a fee.

For local information and to pick up supplies, there are many outdoor stores and suppliers in the Ukiah area. Stock up on boots, bows, guns, tents and any other equipment you might need, and ask the employees to share their favorite local spots. Unless specifically prohibited, public lands managed by the BLM are open to hunting, fishing and recreational shooting, including target shooting for license-holders.

WHERE: In parts of the Black Butte River watershed near Covelo, Jackson State Forest, Cow Mountain Recreation Area, Mendocino National Forest, Red Mountain Recreational Area, other areas of public land and various private lands.
MORE INFO: Pacific Outfitters, 955 N. State St., Ukiah, 707-468-6474, G I Joes Outdoor Store, 976 N. State Street, 707-468-8834, Tractor Supply Co., 1248 Airport Blvd., 707-462-3748

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