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Ukiah is the Mendocino County seat and its largest city. First settled about 5,000 years ago, people of European descent began to arrive there around 1845. It took the arrival of the railroad in 1889, however, for Ukiah to begin to really grow. Now its population is approximately 16,000, while that of the greater Ukiah area numbers about 35,000. Framed in a deep mountain valley (its name is derived from the word “yokayo,” which means either “deep valley” or “south valley” in the Pomo Indian language), Ukiah is a beautiful destination that combines a wealth of natural resources with an independent character. Off the beaten path, Ukiah’s unique setting, spirit and people inspire you to explore further.

For those seeking to escape urban angst and experience life in a more relaxed environment, Ukiah offers a getaway rich with activity, creativity and small town charm. With countless opportunities for outdoor recreation, good food and drink, year-round events and cultural attractions, Ukiah has something for everyone. And, unlike any city named anything else, its name spelled backwards is “haiku.”

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