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Handle Spectacular Specimens at Beautiful Earth

Handle Spectacular Specimens at Beautiful Earth
Fort Bragg / Noyo Harbor


Beautiful Earth offers some of Earth’s oldest and most beautiful creations — over five thousand select specimens of minerals, fossils and meteorites. Beautiful Earth also offers an extensive library, gem elixirs, gem beads, and Earth-inspired art. Beautiful Earth feels like a miniature museum, being overseen by a geologist/mineralogist and an active field paleontologist, with over fifty years of combined teaching, museum curation, and field experience between them.

Education is critical to the mission of Beautiful Earth. Children are welcome and are encouraged to touch. Place your hand into a 200 million year carnivorous dinosaur track from Massachusetts. Touch a ten pound 148 million year old dinosaur poop, or a complete 70 million year old Hadrosaur thigh bone as big as a child. Or hold a remnant of the core of a long dead planet from the main asteroid belt – and marvel that what you hold in your hands is actually 4.6 billion years old.

They offer only natural minerals, crystals, and fossils from all over the world. Specimens are priced from the most affordable, found in the eight-drawer “student collection” cabinet, to those of the connoisseur.

Many say this is “the best rock shop in California,” or simply their favorite shop of any kind. If you love rocks, crystals, and the remains of ancient life, Beautiful Earth is a must visit. Beautiful Earth is open Thursday thru Monday from 10am-4pm.

Where: Downtown Fort Bragg in the Depot at the corner of Laurel and Main.
More Info: 707-962-3038

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