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Watch a Master Craftsman Create Art with Fire

Watch a Master Craftsman Create Art with Fire
Fort Bragg / Noyo Harbor


Watching glass making in Fort Bragg has been a family tradition for close to 30 years. In the late 1980’s, a retired CHP officer named Myron Macneil started crafting glass in a small shop in the Train Depot Mall. Families from around the world would stop into the mall to watch glass come to life in a variety of forms, whether vessels or creatures there was nothing Macniel wouldn’t masterfully craft. Listening to the stories of those who met him you can tell; there is never a dull moment when the torch is on and the enchanting process of glassblowing takes center stage. Fast forward to the present day and a naturally born local, Ben “Tsunami” Lukas, couldn’t be more proud to continue the legacy of glass blowing downtown in the Train Depot Mall. Doing live glass blowing demonstrations could very well be one Ben’s favorite things as the glow of the glass in the flame brightens the room and ignites the curiosity of locals and travelers alike. Never be afraid to ask questions as glass tubes and rods get melted together to take the shape of a whimsical hummingbird or a friendly green tree frog. Ben is always so happy to share this craft with the next generation of traveling friends and family. While watching the hypnotic dance of glass in the flame, you will always be welcomed with warmth and a smile. Tsunami’s Glass Shop is part gallery, part gift shop and part workshop, and certainly has something for everyone.

WHERE: 400 N. Main Street

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