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Fort Bragg

The Smallest Big City on the Mendocino Coast

Fort Bragg


Originally established as a military garrison overseeing the Mendocino Indian Reservation in 1857, by 1869 small lumber mills and ranches had become the area’s dominant features. The San Francisco earthquake of 1906, which leveled much of Fort Bragg, also brought prosperity to the town in its wake, as its mills provided much of the lumber used to rebuild San Francisco. Today, Fort Bragg is the largest city on the Mendocino Coast. Much of Fort Bragg’s history can be viewed at the Guest House Museum, located on the corner of Main (Hwy 1) and Laurel Streets. Built for the Fort Bragg Redwood Company in the 19th Pudding Creek Trestle, photo by Gregg Gardiner Century, the building later became the Union Lumber Company guest house and now houses artifacts, photos and exhibits from the town’s early days.

Noyo Harbor, on the south end of town, is a working port with a commercial fishing fleet, charter boats, fish markets and processing plants, as well as several seafood restaurants. The harbor is also a haven for local seals and sea lions.

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